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Mitä lähemmäksi unelmaansa pääsee...

– Paulo Coelho

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Luminos Ensemble

Lauantai 25.09. 10.00

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Cancelled concert

We are sad to inform you that our Christmas concert at Turku Cathedral on 22nd of December has been cancelled due to changes in the covid-19 situation. Submit your refund request by December 31st at

Music video by Luminos Ensemble

Luminos wanted to bring joy to everyone in these exceptional times so we made a music video of a song called On hetki. Thank you very much Mika Koivusalo for sound mixing and making the video!

You can watch the video on our releases page or by clicking this link to the Youtube: Luminos Ensemble: On hetki

Luminos Ensemble's latest album is In Lucem

Each track on the album is full of light: light in the voice, soul and mind. You can listen to the album in Spotify or buy it through our webstore: Luminos Shop


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