Luminos Ensemble


Luminos Ensemble

Year 2019 is significant for the Finnish vocal ensemble Luminos. Founded in 2009 by Sauli Hannuksela, the group has developed into a high-level ensemble of fourteen female voices. Built on the members’ passion to make beautiful music, not to mention their artistic director’s uncompromising work towards excellence, Luminos Ensemble has adopted a more and more professional manner in the course of these past ten years.

Luminos Ensemble performs mostly various types of a cappella pieces, but its repertoire also includes accompanied music. Thanks to Mr Hannuksela’s bold visions, Luminos has even managed not to shun away from such major choral works as Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem and, waiting to be introduced as part of the decennial celebrations, Antonio Vivaldi’s Gloria. Luminos’ Christmas CD Tähden valossa (In Starlight) dates back to 2014, and the most recent album of classical favourites, In Lucem, was published in 2016. Four new pieces, available in YouTube, Facebook and Luminos’ website, were recorded in 2018.

Critics have praised the group’s pitch and harmony, as well as the singers’ pursuit of musical expression. In ten years’ time, Luminos has had the privilege to collaborate with such recognized Finnish musicians as sopranos Monica Groop and Camilla Nylund, baritones Jaakko Kortekangas and Juha Kotilainen, and pianist Ilmo Ranta. Many Luminos concerts are accompanied by Aboa Nova Ensemble, a group of professional musicians from Turku. Looking ahead, Luminos Ensemble wishes to continue its exciting journey of new challenges, enjoying and expressing love and devotion for vocal music. 

Sauli Hannuksela

The artistic director of Luminos Ensemble, Sauli Hannuksela (born 1964) is known for his inspiring and arduous work as a voice coach. Having studied choral conducting under Heikki Liimola, Mr Hannuksela emphasizes the importance of persistent voice training, which is apparent in the homogeneous sound of Luminos Ensemble. His own arrangements, often laborious to say the least, have gathered much attention among the listeners and challenged the singers’ ambitiousness time and time again. Sauli Hannuksela currently works as a church musician of Rusko Parish.


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